Vybz Kartel And Shenseea Drama Over Loodi Song

Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel released the official audio for his song “Loodi” on his Vevo channel with the following caption; “My song was never a collaboration!”

Could it be that Vybz Kartel has taken offence to Shenseea’s alleged jabs at Spice and have decided to dish out his own dis with Shenseea as the target?

There are a lot of speculations as to why Vybz Kartel is upset about Shenseea using his song “Loodi.” We all know the close relationship Spice and Kartel share over the years. When the two did the collaboration “Ramping Shop,” some rumours quickly surfaced that the two artiste painted too much of a perfect romantic picture in the video for them not be intimately involved. Both Spice and Kartel have always denied the allegations. Instead, they said their relationship is just of two good friends that can make great music together.

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Regardless that it is alleged that a disagreement had brewed between Kartel and Romeich Entertainment from last year for letting their artiste used his song; one has to now wonder if when Shenseea took a jab at Spice, the Gaza Boss decided that she has gone too far. Therefore, in an indirect attempt to defend his friend, Vybz Kartel, released is original track and declared it was never a collaboration. Also, Kartel claims that he did not authorize the collaboration with Shenseea.

Vybz Kartel song is believed to literally launched Shenseea’s career.

Recently, some Gaza fans have been complaining that Shenseea is not giving Kartel enough props for single-handedly launching her dancehall career. Additionally, Vybz Kartel thinks he is not given enough credit for the level of success which his song gave Shenseea and that he was not properly compensated.

During an interview Shenseea said:

I thought I brought something different to Loodi. Everybody out there that didn’t see me before was wondering who is this girl? Is this a new Gaza girl or something? How she look so. From you do a song with Kartel everyone rank you as a Gaza, but really and truly I do represent Romeich Entertainment.

Shenseea still has the original version of “Loodi” on her Vevo channel so there is some uncertainty if that version will still be marketed or what direction the brewing feud between Vybz Kartel and Romeich Entertainment artiste Shenseea will take.

Listen to what Shenseea and Romeich have to say about the feud below:


So, who really is using Vybz Karel’s name to get a hype; because from the look of things it is definitely, not Spice.

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