Trump Uploads Disturbing Video Of…

A video about 28 seconds long was edited and uploaded to Trump’s Twitter account on Sunday. In the video, you can see Trump beating up a man whose head has been replaced with the CNN logo as “FNN: Fraud News Network.”

This video express how Trump feels about CNN and insulting the hosts of MSNBC’S on Morning Joe.

On Saturday at a faith rally in Washington, Mr. Trump made a speech about CNN as a “garbage journalism” and he said, “The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House but am president and they’re not.”

Dean Baquet, an excellent editor of the New York Times said:

“I think it is unseemly that the President would attack journalists for doing their jobs and encourage such anger at the media.”

However, Trump’s security adviser when viewed for the first time he said

“No one would perceive that as a threat,”

Mr. Bossert, Trump’s security adviser said, “I hope they don’t.”

Mr. Bossert totally defended Trump when he said:

“He’s a genuine president expressing himself genuinely.”

Mr.Trump when posted the wrestling video on his twitter account, Republicans were coming on the major Sunday News program. On CNN, Ben Sasse, a Republican criticized the president of “weaponizing distrust towards the news media.”

Ari, Fleischer, a press secretary to President George W.Bush tweeted that Trump’s video was in “poor taste.” He also added that ” The reasons POTUS does it is because the press has made themselves so unpopular. Its a fight, POTUS actually wins much of the county.

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