Teacher Suspended After Pulling His Firearm On Student


The teacher from William Knibb said he felt threaten after the student was armed with a stone so he drew his firearm to defend himself.

Approximately, two weeks ago William Knibb students had front row view of the incident between a male teacher and a fellow schoolmate. It is alleged that the male teacher and a student got into an altercation on the school compound, which led to the teacher pulling his firearm.

It is reported that the male student took up a stone to throw at the teacher during the dispute.

The Education Ministry had ordered the board of William Knibb Memorial High school in Trelawny to thoroughly investigate the circumstances which led to the teacher allegedly pulling his licensed firearm at the student.

The matter was reported to the school board for investigation.

Reverend Everton Jackson, Chairman of William Knibb Memorial High, during an interview with a TVJ reporter this afternoon, confirmed that the incident took place approximately two weeks ago during a reported altercation involving the teacher, who is a licensed firearm holder, and a male student. Rev Jackson also revealed that the educator has been suspended while further probing continues into the incident.

Rev Jackson also stated that;

The matter has been reported to the board, the board convened an emergency meeting (and) instructed the personnel committee to examine the incident.

Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, during a TVJ news interview, said;

I am aware of the incident and it as very unfortunate.

Based on our guidelines for safety and security, firearm on campus is not allowed.

It is further not allowed in these particular matters where there are incidents… that occur on the school compound and then you resort to pulling the firearm – That is not allowed.

I will be sending out reminders to all schools about the policy surrounding firearms on school campuses.


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