Shenseea Dis The Female Veteran Spice?


Shenseea in her song “Happy Juk” said; ‘The indicator naan work because the bulb blow… Say Happy Juk a do it plus use Vybz Kartel to promote her idiot songs …”

It has become the norm for the leading artiste in dancehall both male and female to take jabs from their competitors. It would appear that dancehall new, hot, sensation Shenseea wants to continue this tradition and might have coined her lyrics to disrespect veteran female artiste Spice, who is now dubbed the new Queen of Dancehall.

There is no denying that Spice is leading the pack when it comes to female in the dancehall arena since Lady Saw exited the scene over a year ago.

Spice has always openly declared her allegiance to Vybz Kartel and one of her track that has been getting a lot of rotation is “Indicator.” So Shenseea mentioning indicator and saying; “Say Happy Juk a do it plus use Vybz Kartel to promote her idiot songs …” Sounds like she wants to start a beef.

Listen to Spice “Indicator” below:


The alleged beef started last month after Shenseea seemingly took jabs at the “Queen of Stage” in a single she released entitled “Happy Juk.”  

Listen to Shenseea’s “Happy Juk” song below to decide if she is firing words at Spice:



Recently, Spice stopped by Onstage on CVM TV for a candid interview with host Winford Williams to address her alleged feud with dancehall artist Shenseea.

Spice said while laughing:

I don’t have any beef right now. She came out with a song and a line in the song said ‘the indicator naan work because the bulb blow’ so fans took offense to it and saying it sound like she is dissing Spice; because I have the popular ‘Indicator’ song. But, I don’t have any issues with her or the song so it’s a song that I love.

I don’t want to get into a conflict with a younger artist coming up because I remembered the feud with Lady Saw… And I don’t want any female coming to feel the same way how I felt at the time and so I want to crush that rumor. Shenseea and I have nothing we are friends.

Watch Spice’s interview with Winford Williams below:



Do you think Shenseea wants a beef with female veteran Spice?



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