Record-Breaking First Day at ISSA Grace Kennedy Boys’ & Girls’ Championships

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Purple or Green is what the masses are supporting, but on the first day, the records are being produced by other colours at ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Championships 2017.

 ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Championships, in its 107th staging, is a highly-anticipated competition. ISSA had a splendid record-breaking first day.

Petersfield High School has been making it to the record’s sheet recently, with the assistance of athletes like Kevin Nedrick. Yesterday, March 28, 2017, Kevin Nedrick landed a new National Junior record after he threw his Javelin to 63.73 meters. Noted as the foremost favourite to land the golden throw in the Boys’ Javelin is Kevin Nedrick.

Kevin Nedrick has certainly, demonstrated his ability to secure the gold for his school by shattering the previous record of 63.69 meters made by Orlando Thomas in July 2014

However, the record’s sheet at the ISSA Grace Kennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Championship was opened by hurdler Brittany Anderson from Vere Technical. It was the preliminary round, Class Two 100 meters hurdles, Brittany Anderson effortlessly clocked 13.37 seconds to shatter the record made by Peta-Gaye Williams of 13.38 seconds in 2013.

Brittany Anderson record was short-lived; because Holmwood Technical made their debut to the record’s sheet with the assistance of Shanette Allison, who won heat number two, in 13.30 seconds, to remove the record made by Anderson in the previous heat.

Brianna Lyston, from St. Jago High, ran the Class Four 2oo meter in a record-breaking time of 24.00 seconds. Brianna Lyston, erase Joanne Reid 24.21 a former St. Jago runner’s record, which was made in 2015.

It will be the exciting first rounds of the 400 meters, 1500 meters, 4×100 meter relays; along with the shot-put Class One preliminary, and Class Three Discus throw today.

Leading the qualifiers for the Class two shot-put is Danielle Sloley from Immaculate Conception with 13.18 meters, which she achieved in the preliminary yesterday. Danielle Sloley is a throw ahead of Aliesha Shaw 13.00 meters the record holder from Rusea’s High School. Narrowing Danielle Sloley’s throw is also Shania Scott with 12.99 meters from St. Jago High.

Class One Discus throw leading qualifiers are: Aiko Jones from Wolmer’s High School for Girls’ with 40.91m; Fiona Richards scored a 40.05m, and Sheika McPherson 38.43 meters both from Edwin Allen, along with Shyledeen Smith from Petersfield High with 37.21 meters.

Ania Ashley defending champion from Edwin Allen leads the Class Two Long Jump qualification with 5.64 meters.

Will it be another record-breaking day today, March 29, 2017, at the ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Championship as the final in Class One Discus and Class Two shot-put will be thrown?

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