Police Shot Man To “DEATH” Because He Was “BLACK”

In America, Minnesota state, a white police officer shot Philando Castile to death in Louisiana. Philando’s girlfriend video the police pointing a gun at him showing Philando dead and covered in blood.

The police killed him because he was reaching for his driving license after being pulled over by them which Philando declared he had a licensed firearm also on him in the dashboard where the driving license also kept.

It was a horrific act, accompanied in the car with Philando was his girlfriend and his little baby girl. Imagine a black dad killed in front his own child.

Black Us tennis player, Serena Williams tweeted

“In London, I have to wake up to this. He was black and shot 4 times? when will something be done – no REALLY be done?!”

Philando’s car was pulled over because his car had a broken rear light.

“You shot 4 bullets into him, sir. He was just getting his license and registration, SIR.”

Mrs.Reynolds said in the video. Mr.Castile’s mother said that her son was just “Black in the wrong place” and “there was a silent war against African – American people.”

His girlfriend filmed the act so that the whole world can know that police aren’t here to protect us but here to murder us.

Mr. Castile was 32 and worked as a cafeteria supervisor at a Montession school. His cousin, Antonio Johnson said that he was killed only because he is black.

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