Police Sergeant Caught in Major Drugs Dealing

On Thursday night, A truck loaded with 2000 pounds of ganja in the parish of Hanover was pulled over by police. Accompanied in the truck were 2 men and a police sergeant of Westmoreland division. They were arrested.

On July 13th,around 8:20pm police officers of the parish of Hanover held a search investigation along the Old Road in Green Island Hanover. The police saw a white truck with three men on board and a black Nissan Sunny Motor car which was parked in the dark along the roadway.

Upon heading towards the car,shots were fired on the police and the men escaped in nearby bushes. The police were curious of the three men in the truck and so lead them to quickly approach the truck.

They were later identified to be the Sergeant of Police stationed in Westmoreland, a Farmer of Kentucky District in Westmoreland and a Merchandiser of Sav-Anna-la-mar.

The search of the truck concluded that knitted bags of ganja weighing 2000 pounds and valued several million dollars. The three men were taken into custody and were charged.

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