Police Officer Among The Eight Scammers Extradited


The eight alleged scammers that were extradited to the US today includes a Jamaican police officer and a mother along with one of her sons.

After a lengthy processing by local and US law enforcement authorities ‎at the police post at the Kingston-based facility, the eight suspects were escorted to the aircraft.

Police constable Jason Jahalal, Alrick McLeod, O’Neil Brown, Dario Palmer, Kazrae Gray, Kimberly Hudson, Xanu-Ann Morgan, and Dahlia Hunter are the eight individuals that were flown from the Norman Manley International Airport today. There were a lot of security personnel at the airport as the alleged scammers were processed.

Their final destination is North Dakota. The eight alleged scammers will first be flown on a three-hour flight to Oklahoma ‎where they will undergo immigration processing before continuing on a two-hour flight to North Dakota.

The five males and three females are all alleged masterminds behind the Jamaican lottery scam and were charged by the United States on 66-counts of indictments.

During the time that the eight were being prepared to be extradited, the US Ambassador to Jamaica Luis Moreno delivered a sinister warning to Jamaicans who are involved in the lottery scam.

Moreno said that;

Thousands of cases are under investigation. Expect hundreds of extraditions.

Moreno also stated that a special task force is established by US authorities to crack down on the advance fee or lottery scam.

Video of the eight alleged scammers boarding the aircraft below:



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