Person died in Georgia as Irma eye crosses Southeast

Irma’s eye had left Florida and the wind speed is slowly down to 50-mph (85-kph). The National Hurricane center forecasted that the storms center is located Southwestern Georgia about 10 miles (15 km) east of Albany. Then take a northwest turn Tuesday morning into Alabama. Irma still is a 415-mile wide storm. Some storm warnings are canceled in Florida but some storm surge are still expected on western Florida and from around Daytona Beach to South Carolina.

It is predicted that 3 to 6 inches rain will fall in South Carolina, Alabama and north central Georgia while Mississippi and Southern Tennessee will get 2 to 4 inches rain fall. In Atlanta earlier,one person died from the effect of Irma ,there was rain flooding coastal communities and wind sent trees crashing into homes. Atlanta busiest airport declined hundreds of flights.

Savannah was evacuated for the second time since this year due to Irma and the National Weather Service in Peach tree City stated that Atlanta -over 250 miles (400 km) inland from the Atlanta or Gulf coasts had a tropical storm warning for the first time. One death caused by the storm was confirmed in rural Worth County ,Georgia Emergency Management Agency Spokeswoman Catherine Howden reported Monday afternoon.

Irma reached Southwest Georgia, and crossed over from Florida on Monday afternoon. Tropical storm winds raging over 400 miles(644 km) with powerful winds and rain. Strong winds on Monday afternoon swamped communities along Georgia’s 100- mile coast. “In the street right now, the water is knee to waist deep,” Zeller said. Over 3000 residents experienced intense flooding on the island of Tybee.

“There’s a lot of homes that have water in them right now,” Gillen Islands city manager said. Georgia was center Tropical storm warning, effects of the storm were boats damaged due to rough waters,no injuries have been reported. Warning was given to South Carolina and most of eastern Alabama where schools and businesses were closed Monday.

Around 800 flights were canceled at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. On Monday afternoon over 800,000 Georgia Power and EMC customers mostly in coastal and South Georgia had no power. Around 12000 outages were in the Southeastern part of the state. In Atlanta, there were falling trees that had a threat to people’s life and buildings.

Georgia was seen to be empty after a large evacuation.Around 540,000 residents evacuated due to Hurricane Matthew which had the effect of 500 million dollars damaged and 3 people died. Downtown savannah experienced winds on Monday which caused palm trees to bend. In Georgia fire fighters rescued few people when trees struck into their homes.

In Atlanta ,head authorities canceled all bus and rail services on Monday and will decide whether to proceed operations on Tuesday.

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