Man Shoots 18 Year Girl Because…

In the county,Chester,Penn,a man was charged with first degree murder by killing an innocent 18-year old. The criminal turned himself in Sunday morning.

Police said the man shot Bianca Nickol Roberson with no mercy because they both were driving on the same lane on the high way ,Wednesday evening in West Croshen ,Pennsylvania when they both were fighting for a position on the road and so he got angry and shot her in the head ,she died on the spot.

Bianca car hit into a tree while the man in fright drove off in speed. Police received the evidence with the use of surveillance cameras to identify the truck and the criminal . The police appealed to the shooter to turn himself in which Desper the criminal did at 2am on Sunday.

It was a Brutal and evil act because the 18-year old had just left high school and was shopping for new clothes before she was killed.Sadly to say but the Jacksonville University will not be having Bianca as a student there.

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