Three Jamaican Lawyers Involved In Lottery Scam


Extradition warrants are being prepared for three Jamaican lawyers who are involved in the lottery scam, which has been bilking vulnerable United States citizens of their hard earn cash.

It has been widely speculated for some time that there are high-ranking individuals in the Jamaican diaspora who are involved in the lottery scam, which has been a plague for many vulnerable US citizens. Today, Joshua Polacheck has put our speculations to rest, when he revealed that extradition warrants are now been prepared for two to three Jamaican lawyers.

Joshua Polacheck, the public affairs officer at the United States Embassy in an interview with Emily Shields on RJR’s talk-show, Hotline, said;

There are lawyers who facilitate this as well, who make it possible for someone to appear as though they have legitimate wealth.

I’m talking about attorneys who take the money from someone and that person says “I want this money to appear legitimate.”

While Joshua Polacheck could not disclose any details on the seniority of the lawyers, when asked about potential challenges with wiretap evidence and attorney-client privilege he had the following response;

The attorney still has to file paper work, still have to move the money around, right? You leave another paper trail that does violate attorney-client privilege.

Polacheck also stated that the implicated lawyers were not being retained by lottery scammers in cases where the clients were seeking a lawyer to defend them on a criminal matter.

Norman Manley Law School student Teresa Wilson was sentenced last week to 16 months in a federal prison in the United States after she pleaded guilty to mail fraud charges. Wilson was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in June 2016.

Polacheck hopes that the warrants for the lawyers’ extradition will be prepared in the coming months to years.

Joshua Polacheck said that people across a wide cross-section of the Jamaican society are involved in the lottery scam when he said;

This would not be the sort of scourge and fuelling the violence here in Jamaica if there weren’t the support for it and if people weren’t taking the money that they know is dirty money.

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