Jamaica Prime Minister “Owes” Student Loan

It was recently posted on Facebook that people from September 6,1996 owes Student Loan. From that list, can you believe that Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew M. Holness a former student of the University of the West Indies- Mona campus owes Student Loan.

This post went viral on Facebook to know that our Prime Minister is a debtor to the Student Loan Bureau. I mean Andrew is making more money than half of the people in Jamaica but yet they struggled and did repay back their Student Loan. Yet a man who is referred to as Honourable has no honour right now to that Student Loan unpaid.

It’s embarrassing, It’s a disgrace, I bet the PNP party is rejoicing right now. Now this is not something good for us Jamaicans to follow. I guess he’s teaching the younger generation to borrow money without paying back which is known as stealing.

Well looking at the bright side at least he was delinquent enough to get a good education but the fact of the matter still stands that Andrew Holness ,Prime Minister of Jamaica ,who’s earning a lot of money has not fully repay back his Student Loan. Now that’s something to gossip about.

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