Hurricane Irma sucks water from Florida’s largest Bays

On Sunday afternoon Tampa-area went dry. There were other drained beaches on the Gulf Coast reported especially near Marco Island,Naples and Fort Myers and Mobile Bay. This incident brought back the time in 2004 on Christmas Day when Indonesian tsunami a magnitude of 8.7 earthquake caused seas to disappear.

The great force that Irma had on these oceans cause the seas to disappear in Florida. It had nothing to do with plate tectonics. All the water was taken into Irma’s middle and anything else near its center, before returning in a damaging storm surge when the winds shifted with the passage of the eye.

The tidal gauge in Naples with winds of 142 mph-fell six feet between sunrise and 2pm on Sunday.
The water ascend 5.5 feet within a hour. Ed,Rappaport,acting director of the National Hurricane Center reported “urgent …..water levels from storm urge to rise rapidly in the Naples and Marco Island area.” “These effects could occur in a matter of minutes.”

The unusual ocean incident occurred on Sunday was not only due to the effect of Irma but pressure difference. The lesser force under Irma let water bulge upward ,since there was less downward force than else where along the Gulf coast.

Pressure differences sometimes result in such tidal seiches. Sundays backward surge was rare ,but although it happened in Naples before.

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