Florida gets ready for the attack of Hurricane Irma

According to Fox News, on Sept 4, Hurricane Irma was noticed to be swirling towards the Caribbean. Southern parts of United States was attacked on Monday Sept 4,with category 4 storm. West Indies, leeward Islands,British ,U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico were issued Hurricane advice and the countries are to be prepared for such intense storm that might come their way.

Winds which are travelling at a high speed that could cause severe damage or death and tremendous rain will be seen Tuesday evening according to the National Hurricane Center. The winds are travelling at 130-156 miles per hour (209-251 kph) which could cause the effect of uprooted trees and damaging power lines, water and electricity outages and the damage of buildings.

On Monday evening the hurricane threatens Florida and Us East Coast which conducted a state of emergency. Hurricane Irma is predicted to reach Southern Florida on Saturday. The center reported” There is an increasing chance of seeing some impacts from Irma on the Florida ,Peninsula and the Florida keys later this week and this weekend. In addition ,rough surf and dangerous marine conditions will begin to affect the Southeastern U.S coast by later this week.

Irma is now known to be the second dangerous Hurricane to destruct the United States. The Hurricane Irma watch is predicted that over the next 48 hours it could be strengthen and might cause direct damage to Hispaniola, The Turks and Caicos .The Bahamas and Cuba. In Puerto Rico the government is helping their people to be prepared for the storm by preparing 456 emergency shelters ,activate a price freeze on basic necessities like food and medicines.

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