Find out who you are by the history of your palm

The reading of the palm originated from Hindu and Gypsy Fortune Tellers thousands years ago. This ancient practice is known as Palmistry.There are different lines in the palm that have its own deep connection and meaning one of which is the love line which deals with areas of love and affection.

The love line can be seen by running from the edge of the palm under the little finger across to and in which the middle finger and /or forefingers joins the hand.

There are 3 meanings of how each person love line is structured when 2 palms are placed together.

The first meaning is when the Left Hand Line is higher than the Right Hand. People with these type of plams, normally do not believe that love is important in their life for them to be happy.

They prefer to wait long for the right person, they are attracted to people who are opposite from them also attracted to people younger than them or from a different race. They are strong minded and will work through the tough in a relationship once they believe that is the “right one.”

The second palm meaning is when the love line on both hands are at the same level. These persons having this type of palm normally takes love very serious and are willingly to stay in a relationship for a long time.

They do not matter about the time and the full dedication a relationship takes to work. They are soft hearted, care for others in times of need but they find it as a challenge to adjust to changes around them.

The third meaning is when the Left Hand Line is lower than the Right Hand. These persons are known as old souls. They are wise and view life differently. They are not followers of society but they set their own trends and choose to live life their way.

They possess six (6) senses and are attracted to older partners and friends as they experience more in life and the more knowledgeable at a more higher level than their age.

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