Curvy Diva Yanique Dis Track For Miss Kitty

Curvy Diva Yanique

Curvy Diva Yanique is dishing out some hot words; Some gal grudge me true the life I live. Dem nuh like me true the wife I is Some gal nuh know what hype life is Life weh me live tell dem dat a di niceness

The Curvy Diva Yanique and the Fluffy Diva Miss Kitty had a clash of words on the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall show last year, but it seems the difference between the two divas was only swept under the carpet for the sake of their jobs on the highly publicized talent show.

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During the time of their highly publicized dispute rumours starting dropping into eardrums that they both had done plastic surgery on their bodies. Also, the war between the ladies is because of the word “Diva” that both of them are using in their names.

Could we have all gotten it wrong, and the Curvy Diva Yanique is clearing the air with her first song as a dancehall artiste by spitting lines like:

Why me take you man you nuh have no style like diss
Me born bless, God bless a child like dis
Dat nuh good and it nuh tight like…
Gal a barrow dutty wig
What type a life style dis

Dem a talk bout it fake
But it still a shake
Bout tump inna face
Me still a wait
Maxfield me come from dat a bad place
So mind how you talk me nuh do the trace
Dem grudge a gal when em a elevate
So weh dem grudge me fah, Cah me a celebrate
Nuh have to time fi crosses no more
Brush dem off, dem a heavyweight

Approximately, a week since the young entertainer released her debut single, and already she has to clear up the controversy surrounding her name. The single was released on the Money Mix Rhythm under a recently signed recording deal with Good Good Production and is now available on iTunes.

The song has been causing quite a buzz on the streets as some people claim the track is directed at fellow media personality, Miss Kitty. That allegation gained more traction as the song is being uploaded onto several YouTube channels as a “Miss Kitty Diss’ track.”

The Curvy Diva titled her song “Lifestyle,”  and has since responded to the allegations that it is a dis track for Miss Kitty by saying:

The song talks about my life and what I’ve been through and how little I let things bother me. It’s not directed at any specific person but if the cap fits…

I am overwhelmed with all the love and support, I know I have the talent and to bring it to the forefront and have it so well received, I’m so grateful.

Fans of the Curvy Diva have been giving her virgin single two thumbs up and have expressed joy at her decision to enter the music business.

The Curvy Diva Yanique has expressed satisfaction with how well the song has been doing and she thanked her fans for supporting her throughout the years. She also revealed that plans are in place to shoot a music video shortly.

Well, the Curvy Diva had said it is nothing more than a reflection of her life and does not mention Miss Kitty directly nor indirectly, but listen to the song below and tell me what you think.


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