CIA Hacking Your Phone, Tablet, Cars, TV Or Anything That Connect To The Internet

The WikiLeaks-hosted "Vault7" collection of documents allegedly leaked from within the CIA's Computer Operations Group

Tech companies have to speedily step up information_sharing to protect it’s users from prying eyes said a security software executive on Wednesday after WikiLeaks released a load of data purposing to show that the CIA can hack various devices.

Many firms hurried to contain the damages from possible security breach points following the anti_secrecy organization’s revelations although a few said the needed more information on what the U.S Intelligence Agency was up to before the could stop suspected but previously hidden attacks.

Mobile Software maker Apple (AAPL.O) and Google (GOOGL.O) was asked by Vice President of Czech anti-virus software maker Avast, Mr Sinan Eren to supply security firms with instant access to their devices in order to offer immediate fixes to known bugs.

Avast have a count of more than 400 million users of its antivirus software worldwide. The company was named in the WikiLeaks documents as one of the security  vendors targeted by the CIA in a leaked page labelled “Secret” but  it lacked further details.

The leaks that WikiLeaks described as the largest in the Central Intelligence Agency’s history had many technical errors which led security experts and product vendors to recognize that widespread problems exist.

However the provided few solutions to offer speedy results, while Apple said in a statement that almost 80 percent of iPhone users run its current iOS software with the latest iOS software and that the company will continue to work to quickly address any identified vulnerabilities but made no reference to attacks on its computer software.

However Google declined to comment but a Microsoft spokeswoman said: We’re aware of the report and looking into it.

The CIA and White House declined to comment, but Spokesman Johnathan Lin said “we do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported Intelligence Documents”.

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