Child Falls From 7 Story Building Without No Injuries

Residents of the community are all astonished about the incident of a 5-year-old boy, who fell from a 7th-floor window on Saturday, then got up and walked away. It was said by a neighbor, Anne Varela ” An angel caught him with the tree.” “The boy was leaning on a screen at the Captain’s Cove Condos in Quincy, Massachusetts, when he fell according to police.

The tree broke his fall before he hit the ground. An eye witness, Muhammad Khan, said he heard the boy tumbling by his window. Mr.Khan thought it was nothing but something that had randomly felled and so he ignored it until he heard a loud screaming. When he looked he saw the little boy fell.

The child was reported to Boston Children’s hospital for a check up just in case, because he never lost consciousness nor had any broken bones. ” It was really like a miracle, I think his guardian angel was definitely there,” said Kathy Hogan a neighbor.

“They neck braced him up. He was screaming so that was a good sign,” recalled Ed O Connor, another neighbor who saw then fall.” Lungs were good that’s all we knew at the time.” A neighbor thought that the boy was doing perfectly fine. Doctors stated that the 5-year-old will be fine. “It was like a miracle,” said O Connor.”I mean I wish the kid was yelling out numbers because I would have grabbed a couple.

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