Caffeine High: Starbucks makes its way to Jamaica

For over 45 years, Starbucks has built a brand on customer oriented values and consistently high-quality Arabica. Arabica is a more palatable type of coffee, which has less caffeine than Robusta.

The well known Coffee Company announced they entered into an agreement with Caribbean Coffee Traders Limited. In fact, it is a part of the Margaritaville Caribbean Group franchise. They currently hold exclusive rights, to own and operate Starbucks in Jamaica.

Some of the most alluring attractions in the Caribbean are owned and operated by the reputable Margaritaville Caribbean Group. At the same time, they employ more than 1,000 people throughout the Caribbean.

Furthermore, Caribbean Coffee Traders Limited is a joint venture between the Chief Executive Officer of Margaritaville Caribbean Group, Ian Dear, and Chief Executive Officer of Sandals Resort International Adam Stewart. “Our organizations share similar values, including our dedication to the customer experience, commitment to our crew members, and responsible corporate citizenship,” said Ian Dear.

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Starbucks Curacao, 3rd grand opening on the Island.

Jamaica is Blessed

Jamaica is a country blessed with a rich culture and heritage, particularly with its locally-grown and world renowned Blue Mountain coffee, which Starbucks has sourced as a specialty offering for over 40 years.” said Ricardo Rico, Starbucks general manager and vice president for Latin America operations.

Said Ricardo Rico, Starbucks general manager and vice president for Latin America operations.

Blue Mountain Peak, Jamaican coffee is ranked 11th in the World. No doubt will it have a well-deserved platform. Jamaica will be the 6th country in the company’s Caribbean market, ironically, however, it is the only country with such highly rated product. Aruba, Bahamas, Curacao, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago currently have 43 stores operating under Starbucks licensees.

Starbucks is set to open Montego Bay, Jamaica, which is undoubtedly a popular tourist destination.

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