Breaking News: Ice Bus Kill School Girl In Westmoreland Jamaica

Update: On May/32/2017 in the evening around 4:00 pm. A tragic accident took place. In the district, Frome, an ice bus had accidentally hit an 8-year-old girl.

A witness quoted

The little girl was behind the school bus ready to cross the road because she saw her mom walking across the road. The little girl then ran out into the road when suddenly an ice truck was overtaking a car.

In steadfast speed, the ice truck looses control and hit the young girl into the banking.

The driver, in shock and fear far his life ran out of the bus into a nearby house on the scheme.

A policeman who was on scene was a friend of the driver, he helped to disguise his identity so as to prevent him from being sacrificed to death by the residents.

The residents chanted for justice and so they removed the ice from the truck and set it on fire. The child was immediately sent to the hospital where she needed intensive care.

However, as a result of how badly she was injured, she was pronounced dead.

The family members and mother of the deceased child is in deep sorrow where they have been counseled and consoled by friends.

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