Beenie Man Proud Of His Empress Krystal

Beenie Man

Beenie Man commented saying; ” Yuh royal, come deh wid mi 3 more time,” after Krystal used her intelligence to combat a negative comment on one of her photos on Instagram.

Rumours started surfacing in early 2016 that Beenie Man and Krystal Tomlinson were dating. Not much was disclosed on the topic because Krystal said she did wish to discuss her personal life.

Krystal Tomlinson enjoys an illustrious career. She is the current host of E-Prime and Nyammings on TVJ, the Public Relations Manager for Digicel Foundation, and the founder of the Five Dollar Forum. Krystal is a former Miss Jamaica Festival Queen, and she had also entered Miss Jamaica World Contest.

While Beenie Man and Krystal has afforded to keep details of their personal life out of the media, the couple has been photoed at various events together.

A follower, on Krystal’s Instagram account, felt she had the right, to compared Krystal to Beenie Man’s ex-wife D’ Angel.

The individual, sky_shyyyyy, posted the following comment under Krystal’s photo:

Not telling no lie, ANGLE looks better than u by farrr… [@] Krystal Tomlinson.”

Krystal quickly responded with the following:

Beenie Man 2


Ladies, don’t do this. It’s not cute. 😢

Whoever this person is, I hope you don’t go around comparing yourself to other women. Release those energies from your spirit. Liberate yourself from those poisonous habits and inferior thoughts. Always choose to think, speak, do things from a place of peace and power. Not puerility.
It just nuh pretty. Me nuh wah see no woman a live dah life yah or a try get a next woman fi live it. This comment is the definition of spiritual poverty. And me tyad fi see poverty pon people 😩😩

Beenie Man then made the following comment:

Yuh royal, come deh wid mi 3 more time.

Could Krystal Tomlinson become wife number two for Beenie Man?


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