Mother Lose Her Two-Year-Old Daughter, Due To Plaited Hairstyle

Mother Lose her two-year-old daughter, due to plaited hairstyle, the baby girl was feeling pain and was itchy her head for a few days that cause Rashes all over the child’s entire body.

Members of the family seeing the condition of the child and that the rash was increasingly very fast, they felt that she needed to see a doctor.

The mother waited a few more days and see that the state of the child was getting worse and her hair was fallen out she brought her to the hospital.

When she reached the hospital the doctor admitted the child to the hospital and began treatment her, the state of the child got worse and was put on a machine to help her breathe. But Unfortunately, that afternoon child was pronounced death.

The cause of death was attributable to the veins that were over pull on muscles in the head to a large extent that cause other problems of the death.

A Cry: Mothers stop letting your children do adult things. Let them live the life of a child.

May God help us.

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