Alkaline UK Concert Caused Riot


Alkaline meant business when he said; “Am all about the money. Like broke life never know mi.  Mi, mi forever boasty.  Am all about the money. Like seh a Nanny grow mi. Voluntary service a nuh mi…”

 Alkaline fans in the UK are fuming following a cancelled show at the O2 Academy in Brixton. Fans were demanding that the artiste performs and pandemonium broke out as a result of the cancelled event. Then, law enforcers were called and they eventually shut down the concert.

While The Vendetta Boss was present inside the venue and ready to perform; a large crowd was gathering outside eagerly anticipating his performance. A few patrons pushed passed security personnel and made their way inside the venue.

An individual was injured in the rumpus forcing organizers to cancel the show citing public safety as the reason for doing so. Reports are that the concert was sold out and some fans were waiting outside for hours to get inside. Law enforcers were called in to aid in quelling things down, but no arrest was made.

Fans anger was geared at the promoters for over selling the concert, and some patron said the event was poorly organized.

One individual tweeted that;

Some of you promoters are so bloody greedy. The Alkaline concert was so poorly executed. They blatantly over sold tickets.

While another one fan tweet read;

Alkaline is the biggest thing in dancehall right now, this was bound to happen. About u wanna have 2 likkle piece of security in Brixton uno.

Live video of Alkaline’s fans protesting below:

Did The Vendetta Boss receive his money, and what about his fans that are still eager to see his performance?

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