26 Year Old Man “RAPES” 1 year old Baby

In Missouri, a man was beaten by an infant’s father for raping his 1-year-old daughter. He was charged with child assault. According to the media, Jayson Newlun at the age of 26, a family friend, was babysitting a 1-year-old while he was caught touching the child on the genital area, while pleasuring himself, after left alone with the baby for just 10-15 minutes.

The mother of the child said that she had left home and had realized that she had forgotten her WIC folder. On returning home, she realized that the babysitter was not on the couch and her infant’s room door was open. When she looked in the bedroom, she oversaw Mr.Newlun take a naked photo of their daughter before masterbating and also feeling up the little girl private part.

She immediately ran to her husband and her husband hit Mr.Newlun with a dresser drawer. Sadly to say but a neighbor stepped in and ceased the attack. A photo was taken of Mr.Newlun to show how his eyes were black and battered and bleeding. “I hope you go down for this,” The mother said to Mr.Newlun. “I hope I do ” Mr.Newlun agreed.

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