12 Years’ Old Brianna Lyston The Female Usian Bolt

Brianna Lyston was in a league of her own in Class Four of the Boys and Girls Championships

Brianna Lyston, only twelve years’ of age is the next Jamaican sprinting sensation. She is even cleped “The Female Usain Bolt.”

Jamaica is one of the largest track and field brands when it comes to producing lighting speed athletes. Usain Bolt who had announced that he will be resting his feet from blazing up the tracks, left the world pondering; “When will the arena of sports be graced with another outstanding athlete as the Big Man?”

Brianna Lyston

Brianna Lyston, swiftly answered the concern of the world during the recently held ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Championships.

Usain Bolt, at the age of 12, ran the fastest time in the 100m race and gave the world a taste of his sprinting potential.

On the same field, in the same country, a female who is 12 years’ old has answered the call of sprinting greatness.

Brianna Lyston

Sprinting sensation, Brianna Lyston, only 12 years’ of age has sent the world in complete hysteria as she took a swing at Florence Griffith-Joyner 1988 Olympics record when she clocked 23.72 seconds in the 200m race.  Brianna Lyston crossed the finish line after she effortlessly sauntered away from her competitors throughout the race.

Brianna Lyston amazing run in the 200m race shown below:


St. Jago High School is the institution that can proudly credit themselves for currently mentoring Brianna Lyston.

Lyston further demonstrated her skills when she clocked 11.86 seconds in the 100m race. As Brianna Lyston dashed across the finish line in lighting speed, her one concern was where was Danae Nembhard her teammate, so she turned her head to the left ensuring Nembhard had taken the second place.

The video is below with Brianna Lyston running the 100m:


Brianna Lyston, might have a little distance left to achieve a similar status as Usain Bolt, but she has unquestionably displayed that she has what it takes to accomplish a similar feat.

Jamaica, the land of undiluted talent has proven to the world that “We Still A Win.”

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